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          Visits and condolences in the heat

          Release Time:2020-07-29

          The hot weather in recent days has given Shanghai a taste of the power of dog days again. OnJuly 28 and 29, Jason, mayor of Waigang Town, Jiading District, Zhang Yonge,chairman of Waigang Labor Union, Zhu Jianzhong, deputy secretary of PartyCommittee of Waigang Townand his party paid a hightemperature visit to our company. Jason Yang, generalmanager of the company, Chen Daliang, chairman of the labor union, and leadersof the party organization of the company received them respectively. MayorZhang and his party went deep into the frontline of high-temperature posts, andsent high-temperature condolences to the high-temperature workers on the spot,expressing sympathy for their hard work and telling them topay attention toheatstroke prevention. Send coolness on a hot summer day and warmhearts with drops of affection.

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